Monday, March 31, 2008

Twix the Bullet Dodger

I was at a friend's over the weekend and they had a dog named Twix. They were showing off all the tricks he knew. They made a gun with their hand and shot at him and he played dead.

Why would you ever teach your dog to play dead? I think it would be more awesome to teach your dog how to dodge bullets. Point your hand at him and say bang and he jumps to the side. Now that would be an awesome dog.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

say hello my little friend.

i was playing around and experimenting with some markers last night. this is my favorite drawing.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

my kind of cooking

i think we should all start buying our food from the 99 cent store. economically, it's a great idea and will allow us to buy more art supplies (and huge beers from zum scheinders). what do you say, boys??

We Fuck Sooooooo Good

The New Blood Sport

If you thought cock fights were brutal or ever seen little kids setting up spider fights in the Philippines,then maybe, just maybe, you might be slightly prepared for the images I'm about to show you.

The new insanely brutal, insanely vicious, and insanely, disgustingly, fascinating sport is horse fighting. These images are so raw and violent they make you furious, but you can't help but be intriguied. Be prepared.

You can find information on how you can donate to end these horse fights on Network for Animals.
Also, check out the Vice article.

good bye chris webber

fuck what you heard. forget the taste in your mouth that the last 5 or so years of chris webber's career has left. this man, along with the rest of michigan's fab five have influenced you more than you might know. bald heads, baggy shorts, black socks with the black nike sneakers, and the attitude. young, fresh, brash, shit talking mother fuckers.  

do you remember in "dogtown and z-boys" when the zephyr skate team rolled to that competition and destroyed everybody's perception of skating? thats what c-webb and the fab 5 did to college basketball.  fast forward a couple years and the new york knicks are illing in the nba finals with black socks and black sneakers.  charles oakley, anthony mason (plus "in god's hands"), and derek harper were bald. 

the nike michigan basketball jerseys were squash city back then.  the yellow jersey: ooooh boy. how hard was that? these boys did so much for nike in the sense that they helped solidify nike's place in the mind's of hoop fans who were more in tuned to hip hop then religiously following the game (eventho as a pro, soon after the release of his own nike sneaker, webber left nike because he felt uncomfortable with the high price of his shoe).  they made the casual hoops fan into a passionate lover or hater of michigan ball. 

c-webb was the poster child for the "gen-x" athlete.  although his teams in both college and the pros reached two "final fours" and he is one of only six players to average 20 points/9 rebounds/ 4 assists for his career (wilt, elgin baylor, bird, billy cunningham, and KG), the stigma left on his career has been that he has been more style than stubstance. however, maybe in chris webber's case, style has been the more important part of his career because, culturally, webber (along with the rest of the fab 5) left an undyng influence on mainstream culture.  don't forget sucka.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

bikes are so hard this year!

who is joining my bike squad this year? we will terrorize the streets and bar scenes of new jersey and new york like the future was in the early 1900's. it's gonna be squash city*.

<3 rain

*squash city: to be used when comparing one thing, which is far superior, to everything else. as in, squashing all competition. ie. "those tacos is squash city." = the best tacos in new york. SQUASH FUCKING CITY.

bike spot

geek dunkin' convo

rain: what is up with your fascination of mustaches?
me: love them.
rain: hahahaha. why?
me: i don't know. maybe because my dad had one when i was little...maybe i have an association to that. all of my bf's have had 'staches too. except for (current bf) when i met him. but now he has one.
rain: hmmmmm all i can say to that is....WIERD.
me: HA. why? you like crazy. i like 'staches.
rain: yeah..but its not cuz my mom is crazy. and not all the girls ive been with have been crazy.
me: maybe she is...?
rain: HAHAHAH bitch hahaahhaha.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


this pic had me laughing all day.

i'm ready!

the daily news is running an article in the paper about the flea today as well. you can check that out here.

Monday, March 24, 2008


"i'm alligators and rolex watches from head to toe. I'M THE MAN!"

he was diddy before diddy. he is the greatest shit talker in the history of shit talking. he is one of the reasons i am the way i am today. while in my younger years, i had different favorite wrestlers, as a grown man i realize that RIC FLAIR IS THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME. fuck you if you don't agree, you are not living in reality. enjoy a moment with the "limousine ridin, jet flyin, kiss stealin, wheelin dealin son of a gun" himself, THE NATURE BOY!!!WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!

<3 rain

ps. be on the lookout for more of the naitch'.

watch out now

my sis, P, rocking the headband i made for her. you'll be able to get yours at the flea in june.

royal rumble

i think we really just need to get ready to RUMBLE:


i think we should sell expensive shit.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

knitta, please!

super inspiration for a crafter and maker of stuff--i have a real obsession with this group.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

a geek dunkin' meeting:

rain: can we conduct this whole "meeting" in spanish?
g: hahahaha
rain: o spanglish?
me: si vamanos
g: oh god
rain: yo tengo mantequilla in mi pantalones
me: si tu quieres hablar en espanol, nos podemos hacerlo asi
rain: ok..thats enough. why you gotta show me up..its no speak spanish
me: HA HA you asked for it
rain: i just need excuses to say MANTEQUILLLA!!!!!!
OK. so what are we talking about?

chatty dunkin'

dunkin' does weird things.

Friday, March 21, 2008

defn. of...

awe·some –adjective
1.inspiring awe: an awesome sight.
2.showing or characterized by awe.
3.Slang. very impressive: That new white convertible is totally awesome.

miss van

so dope. i wish i was this great.

happy early easter


the boys thought the video was CHEESY. i love that it annoyed them.

but for them, i will delete it.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

pilow fight, anyone?

something to do on saturday.

happy first day of spring!

a little something for you to enjoy your day.

kenny vs. spenny

is back for a new season!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

i <3 paris

homies over hoes

i'm not a frequent "boondocks" watcher but when it shows up on my dvr, i'll gauge the first few minutes before committing to it. this one episode-"the story of gangstalicious part 2" had me laughing the whole half an hour.

here's what i saw that caught my attention but if you can catch the whole episode, you need to watch it:

a little hump day activity

when you're supposed to be doing work but really just can't focus/would like to procrastinate on that project you keep putting off BUT you also want to feel smart--you can always play a little scrabble.

Good Slap, Bad Slap

I'm not one to be scared of my age. Since I turned 27, it seems like everyone is telling me I'm either getting too old or I'm just a baby. But I decided a long time ago that I was going to enjoy as much of life as I can. Now. No matter my age. 

Apparently, there were a lot of highlights at my birthday sake shoot and bomb, and after telling Rain a couple behind the scenes happenings he has compelled me to start a little section at the Geek Dunkin' blog about my attempts at finding love, trying to score hot chicks, and getting slapped in the face.

Disclaimer: Yes I know in doing this I am putting some personal shit out there. To try and keep things anonymous these stories will be in no particular order and I will not use any names. But if you're reading this and you know this story is about you, I hope you find the hilariousness in it and realize how awesome the story is. Because when it comes down to it, whether you score with the hottest chick or get slapped by her, the next day, all you got is a dope story. And I hope thats what you guys and gals get from this.

PS - I am ready to get slapped by any one of these girls and if you see me get slapped you know why. =D

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

the real dunkin'

learning how to play catch.

she's too fast for the camera.


I don't know if you remember a documentary called Dogtown and Z Boys, but that is one of my favorite documentaries and for some reason I think it really spoke to me on the creative level even though it was a movie about skaters.

Although I've only seen the trailer, this documentary looks like its going to show a lot of crazy experiences. I don't know if I could do 25 years of it, but a year. I could do that. Enjoy.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Reporting Weed


Here's to Awesome Weekends.

I was chillin in jersey this weekend and I got a call from my aunt. She asked me if I was ok. I said of course. Why wouldn't I be. She told me a crane's cable broke while holding up a piece of steel and carved a hole into a building around my apt.

At first I thought, Damn. I hope it wasn't my apt building. But then I had the thought that it could be. I dismissed it. I headed back into the city. As soon as I got out of the subway I saw a barricade blocking 52nd St from 3rd Ave.  I got a chill up my spine. 51st blocked off, 50th blocked off, 49th blocked off.

I finally got to my street and it was the first non-barricaded st. I exhaled a sigh of relief. I walked onto 2nd Ave and saw the craziness. 

Now granted my building didn't get hit, but all the debris and the crane hit right around my favorite diner, my favorite mexican spot, and a couple of restaurants that are in my rotation. I could have easily been home this past weekend and I easily could have been out grabbing some food in that area.

Its crazy how random acts can cause a chain reaction that ripples through time. If I didn't have such an awesome weekend in jersey who knows what could have happened. Thank God for awesome weekends.

in honor of st. patty's day

you should grab your green beer, sit at your computer and do a little leprechaun watching here.

OR--the more realistic approach would be to do it at your desk while you're at work today dreaming about that green beer. either way, it's all good.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Geek Dunkin at the Flores Bday Sake Shoot & Bomb #2

snake charmer

this freaked me out until someone told me that the snake is fangless. regardless, if my parents did this to me when i was a kid, maybe i wouldn't be so afraid of snakes.

mini plant

i really like the idea of owning a plant--but my green thumb isn't the best. i once owned the most awesomeist fern in the world. i named it ern the fern and took great care of it for a few months before i was getting ready to move and it died. i was sad.

but i kinda forgot to water it in the stress of moving.

recently, i found the best plant in the world on urban outfitters. all i needed to do was plant the seeds in the soil, water it, and close it up. i placed it on my windowsill and it takes care of itself. the plant is completely self-sufficient.

if you're not that great at caring for plants, then this is the plant for you...

Saturday, March 15, 2008

gchat session with jessie

my sophomore year at pratt, i met this little freshman named jessie at a party. i remember she was a little tipsy (ok, maybe a lot...but shhhh) and dancing around by herself. i don't remember actually talking to her that night but i'm sure we were introduced because i can't remember a day after that when i didn't hang out with her.

back then, jessie worked hard and partied hard (photo 1 was back when she was a sophomore...i think). she picked up art direction as a
major and devoted herself to design. there were always ideas and projects she needed to work out, things to research and people to talk to...despite her crazy work load and impressive social calendar, her work was always well thought out and impressively well made.

after college, jessie set her sights big. she spent a summer in london after graduation, came back to nyc to work (photo 2) and moved in with yours truly in that 3 bedroom in brooklyn (with melissa--check out february's interview). her eye for design has only matured and improved throughout the years and she has always managed to stay true to who she is. everytime she shows me a new project she is working on, i am always impressed with how professional the quality of her work is and am amazed at her concepts and ideas.

jessie's smart, sassy, and short--an all around triple threat. i know that she is someone i can talk to about life, politics and anything creative and she always has something different to say. check out what she has to say about her own plans as well as the meaning of life below (but if you want more, you can always check out her blog):
me: ready?
Jessie: ok ready when you are.
if there are long delays it just means i had work stuff to take care of.
me: no prob. so tell me about what you do.
Jessie: I draw all day. hehee, well thats what i like to think, but really i design all day. I am an art director at a boutique design agency.
me: what's the difference between art direction and graphic design?
Jessie: well there is subtle difference and depending on who your're talking to its gets fuzzy. hehehe. its all a big mystery. At my current job i'm dong a little more graphic design then i would like, but it's good skills to have. art direction really refers to the direction givin to a specific project and graphic design refers to actual design elements, so an art director would technically give direction to a graphic designer.
me: what would you like to be doing then? if you weren't working there.

Jessie: working at an advertising agency in a creative team with a copywriter. so it would be more concepting then designing. i like to come up with ideas and then have someone help me execute them, i really believe in team work. i don't like having to do everthing from concept to design to production.
me: you want to be the ideas lady?
Jessie: exactly.
me: over the years i've really seen your designs really grow though. what would you attribute that to?
Jessie: practice. i sit at a computer 9+hours a day 5 days a week just designing stuff, so i guess the odds of me growing as a designer are high, just because of practice.
me: does that mean your ideas are getting better or your eye for design is better?
Jessie: i think both. sometimes my ideas bog down my design.
me: too much going on there?
Jessie: heheheh
me: what are some of your inspirations?
Jessie: my commute...hehhee, i drive an hour from yonkers to CT so the scenery is inspiring.
me: you're a nature girl.
Jessie: hhehee. but also design mags are really inspirational. as cheesy as this is, my man friend, Mike, is totally inspirational, he is nuts and sometimes his crazy ideas get me thinking. and our 'art' debates are inspirational.
me: do you want to give him a shout out here?
Jessie: heheheh yea!!
me: go for it.
Jessie: wait what does that really mean, 'shout out'
me: HAHA you've never heard someone give a shout out on the radio?
Jessie: well yes, but i was wo
ndering how it worked online? do i just type his name and type nice things, do i just type his name and say what he is doing or where he is from? I'm not well versed in all things online.
me: HAHA you can do it however you'd like. whatever you think would make him happy.

he will definitely say i'm cheesy. i love it.
me: HAHA ok cool. i think he'll love that.
so tell me about some of your own personal projects that you're working on (including the flea)
Jessie: oh many. i'm painting a portrait for my bestest friend and her family, i'm making a cross stitch piece for my mom for mothers day, Mike and i are still painting our apartment, i'm working on my personal website, i'm designing a whole 'hire me' campaign and i'm working on crafts for the Flea market. oh and doing random freelance jobs with mike so that we can pay for our wedding. we got our first client, who is a promotions guy, so we are doing about 5/10 flyers a month for him.
man i just got tired thinking about everything i have to do.
me: it seems like life is just a giant design problem to you...
Jessie: it is!!!
me: is there a difference to you between your design work and your paintings and your knitting/crocheting?
Jessie: hmmm well i love doing paintings and crocheting because i use my hands.
designing is ALL on the computer so sometimes it doesn't seem as personal
me: even though your designs are coming from you?
(i'm gonna take a quick shower while i wait for you to respond)
Jessie: yea, i just like using my hands sometimes makes it feel more productive.
(short break)
sorry, i know it takes me awhile to respond every now and then i have to design something. hehe
me: all good, i'm back now
Jessie: hi, welcome back. squeaky clean?
me: oooo yes! ready to go on?
Jessie: yes yes
me: do you think there will ever be a way to merge your design with your hands on stuff? (because i already have a few ideas for you)
Jessie: heehehe, well actually yes, man friend Mike and I have been tossing around the idea of starting a company that is totaly based on the hands on process of art making through graphic design. We are calling it XXXXXXXXXXX (DTM blocked out the name so haters can't steal it) and it is all about the art making process and how sometimes that process gets lost on the computer. and designing a company around ART MAKING.
me: that's awesome. is there a timeline for it?
Jessie: HHEHEHE, well we would love to start it on the grassroots level, get the kind of clients we want and explore the idea before going crazy. and now that i have seen how a small company functions i want to see how a large one does, so i have a few years of agency experience to get through.
me: but you think you can mix love and business? haha.
Jessie: ooo definitely, mike and i are more business
me: haha. well, before we end this i have one question. what's the meaning of life?
Jessie: to always have fun
me: you might be right...ok, jess, you are dunzo. do you have anything else you'd like to add?
: hmmmm, no just that i'm really excited to work with you and everyone else at this flea market. I really do believe team work is the ultimate learning lesson. i love drawing inspiration from friends/coworkers and fellow crafters.
me: you're funny
Jessie: YAY. over and out.
me: HAHA exactly.

Friday, March 14, 2008

boy humor is so weird

because we all need a break from work:

watch a little something at your desk.

pretend like you're doing research for work.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

color chart

i am obsessed with color charts. i actually went and bought a color chart book to help me with my color combinations. because there are so many ways to play with color, i could never get bored with it.

this new
exhibition is dope. and considering it's all online, the MoMA rocks.


u make me smile.

i'm on the hunt

i think i need to do this asap with my people. just for fun.

but i want to do a SUPER fun one. so i might look into this one:

The Ghosts of Greenwich Village Scavenger Hunt: You’ll explore places in the Village that are said to be haunted or are associated with such dastardly deeds that you’ll think they must be haunted. You’ll learn the spooky tales of early 19th-century buildings, secret cemeteries, Mark Twain, Patrolman Schwartz, Aaron Burr, the Hangman’s Elm and a haunted speakeasy, to name a few. Of course, we recommend doing this hunt at night, when your team will set forth armed only with a flashlight....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Geek Dunkin at the Flores Bday Sake Shoot & Bomb

i have to share this...

...convo i had with rain earlier today:

me: did you read get fuzzy today?
r. s.: nah.
me: you need to
please read it
r. s.: link me
DAMN i hate that cat for being way more cooler/smarter/quicker than me
me: you're hating on a cartoon cat
r. s.: only because he is way more awesome than me...


so yesterday. one of our interns at work is playin this music. and this real ill shit comes on and i get boppin. he tells me it's this brass ensemble he saw at grand central one day. im like "what the fuck? no way. these dudes are ill."(that made me sound like such a poser). he bought the CD that day cuz he figured he might never hear or see or find out who these dudes were after he left.

well. i was determined to find out who these dudes were and it turns out to be THE HYPNOTIC BRASS ENSEMBLE. apparently, they go wherever the fuck they please and just do what they do. and they have been playing with un-mighty mos def. 1 day i will trek the entire metro area to find these dudes and hear them play live.

check out these videos for you non believers.
WAR video

and their myspace

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


because apparently, some people on this blog like this show.

i wish i was an actress

so that i could do this.

someone's getting old...

<---------------it's officially your bday, G. have a great one.

i can't wait to see you puke tonight.

Monday, March 10, 2008

more ill shit

the sunburnt cow.
in the east village.
i dare not put the whole address cuz i want to save you from this madness which calls itself a restaurant.

1. the back room is a cave. how appetizing.

2. the seating was filthy. crumbs and unrecognizable debri everywhere. i didnt know if i was brushing off pieces of food or cockroach body parts.

3. the menu is so confusing that the waiter has to explain it to an australian accent:"so. the meal is $16 bucks and three courses. you pick 1 thing from this section. 1 thing from either this section or this section. and for dessert, it's not on the menu. you just worry about that later."

4. the appetizer i chose was calamari. nobody told me it was going to have diced KIWI in it. yes, little diced size pieces of KIWI mixed in with my prepackaged frozen calamari and served with some kind of MAYO. calamari/kiwi/mayo. YUM!

5. my burger. oh man. my burger. the actual beef patty in there was actually OK. too bad it was surrounded by something that was impersonating an egg. some bacon because everything taste better with bacon. a pineapple that i assume is from a can which i quickly disposed of. and a fucking BEET. KILL ME NOW. so, i don't have to talk about the dessert.



ill shit

you think it would be great.

it's totally not. puke status.

i just wanted to tell everyone to...

...spread the crusade.

light bulb!

i was reading get fuzzy today when i got the strangest feeling...bucky, the cat in the comic strip, is just like someone i know...i couldn't quite put my finger on who...but then it came to me...

if you're wondering what "make love" is like, you should check out get fuzzy. that cat is the key to his personality--he's sarcastic, mean, and always tries to make himself laugh. in the process, people who know and like him are also highly entertained. he doesn't necessarily mean harm, he's just trying to make himself laugh.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

weekend update

i think it's been a hard weekend for all of us.

"G" celebrated his bday on friday in jersey even though there was a monsoon out, "make love" is missing but probably off hating somewhere, and i was sick and without internet for almost 24 hours.

i really really want some ben and jerry's ice cream.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

be kind...

i have to be honest, this movie is a little kooky. the acting is...well, kinda bad. BUT--it's so much fun to think about remaking films i loved that i found it to be silly.

i still love michel gondry. i will never be able to get over how incredible "eternal sunshine of the spotless mind" was. so, for that reason, i had to post this video.

not only did i LOVE the real version of this movie, but i LOVE the michel gondry version of it too.

Friday, March 7, 2008

power hour

i wasn't introduced to power hour till i had already graduated from college...that's probably a good thing considering how crazy it can get.

i should have known that a bar in brooklyn would catch on and do something in honor of power hour. if you're in brooklyn tonight and need a little power in your hour, you should def check this out. and if you're not but you want to do it eventually with friends, you can take their soundtrack and do your own.

but that's at your own risk. good luck.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

J Rocc and Blue Note
For those who know me, I am a music fiend and they know there's nothing I love more than hearing music I probably would never find on my own, mixed by one of my favorite DJs. 

That music is a collection of Blue Note records and that DJ is J Rocc. Check the link below for a free download of the mixtape.

Droppin' Science: Greatest Samples From The Blue Note Lab

my hands are filthy


my hands are yellow.
i have shit under my fingernails.
i <3 it.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

ankles like gumby

i don't envy models. the whole being too skinny and taller than the average woman kinda bugs me out. it's just not me.

and although i love heels, this is also another reason to add to my list.

Violence Makes Me Hungry

Its the weirdest thing. Every time I watch those old war documentaries I get really hungry. I'm not really sure why.

I guess I'm just going a little crazy.

Well, I guess I'll let you guys be the judge. Check this clip from the last war documentary I saw.

make st. patty's day a holiday!

a friend, who shall remain nameless, sends me a lot of the stuff i post here (let's hope she doesn't start her own blog because then i will lose a lot of my material).

recently, she sent me a petition to make st. patty's day an official holiday. i've never been one to celebrate the holiday but i know a lot of people who do. for them, i would sign it. i wouldn't mind another day off from work anyway.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

virtual insanity

this is...interesting. for me, this becomes a question of how the rest of the general public is supposed to view the "writing." i guess i have some more research to do.

Monday, March 3, 2008


i like witty people who have smart-@ss responses to my smart comments. (hence--why i like rain and greg).

so when i saw these ecards, i thought to myself, "wow--witty and smart-@ss responses for my witty and smart friends!"

click on the pic to check out the other ecards.

garfield minus garfield

it's monday. it's the afternoon. i am staring at the computer screen making money. this link is the most interesting thing i've seen all day thus far. check out the Feb. 24 post.


Saturday, March 1, 2008


what do you do on a saturday night when there's too much going on and too many people to make happy?

you play rock band.

it's way too confusing to make plans with people sometimes. i can't please anyone but myself. rock band party at my house.