Friday, February 29, 2008

spare time on friday night (with no pictures)

im supposed to be at this ill bar tonight. they sell 40 oz's and cans of beer. and its in chinatown so i can walk over and grab late night food whenever my drunk ass feels like it. people i know will be getting there sometime between the hours of 10-12 at night. i get out of work at around 7:30. how do i kill the time??? please let me know.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

gchat session with melissa

i met melissa my sophomore year at pratt when she was way too busy to really hang out but would randomly show up in people's rooms (check out picture 1-from sophomore year). mid-year, she recruited me to do a dance routine for an r&b group, legend, that opened for mobb deep at pace university. how she did that, i have no idea (considering i really suck at following directions) but that has been the story of our lives ever since.

although melissa is great at graphics, she majored in fashion at pratt and minored in causing trouble. she bullied me into modeling for her sophomore year fashion show where she put me in a very see-through top and white pants. by junior year, melissa was practically living in my room--she slept, designed and ate there. unfortunately, during senior year, the fashion studios swallowed her up and on the days she actually came out, she had no idea what day of the week or month it was. sigh...senior year....

upon graduating, she has been hustling her way through the fashion industry. i've personally seen her work grow and develop as well as mature over the years. somehow, she found time to live with me for a year in a 3 bedroom apartment (picture 2-from '06) where we laughed, drank, and shared some great times with our 3rd roommate, jessie.

at the flea on june 22nd, melissa will be joining geek dunkin' to sell whatever our little hearts desire. she's definitely going to bring something new and different to the table. check out what she has to say about fashion, life and designing below:

Melissa: sorry i'm late
me: MELLY IN MY BELLY!!! i thought you forgot about me
Melissa: never. lol
me: better not. hehe
Melissa: :)
me: so melly, i just have a few questions i'm gonna ask...ready?
Melissa: yes ma'am
me: first and foremost, i must ask--besides being awesome, what do you do?
Melissa: lol
I'm an associate women's knit designer for regatta usa
I work on a line named metro 7
me: how has the fashion industry been treating you?
Melissa: It's been good so far, I've learned so much in the past 5 years
I love fashion. lol
me: that's definitely apparent
i know i get obsessed with certain clothes and shoes in my wardrobe--so tell me what you're obsessed with in your own stash of clothes
: my leather converse kicks, my red patent leather pumps and hoodies
me: you love your hoodies! i don't think you ever leave home without one
Melissa: yes i do
nope i never leave home without a hoody
me: i'm about to ask a cliche question
what inspires you?
Melissa: art inspires me and fashion from the past
me: which designers? or styles?
Melissa: military styles from the early 1800s, ancient greek statues
the edwardian period
as far as designer go, definitely cocoo chanel
me: so, besides rolling around on the floor and complaining about how stressed you are, what did you learn at pratt?
Melissa: hahahaha
I learned how to create my vision
I think its amazing to be able to bring an idea to life
I learned about the body and how a garment should fit
me: does that include putting me in a see through top sophomore year?
you looked amazing
me: you're crazy
Melissa: lol
I also learned how to channel a million ideas into 1 cohesive group
me: what trend is really killing you right now?
Melissa: ummmmmm
bright ass colors in 1 outfit
me: oooo anything else?
Melissa: don't get me wrong i like bright colors but there is a way to do it right
me: tell me how!
Melissa: the colors need to sit will together and complement one another
i forgot there is 1 other trend i hate most of all
now guys are wearing tighter jeans. I HATE when guys wearing tight ass jeans hang the jeans off their ass
it makes no sense
: ooo why do they do that!
Melissa: or when they let the jeans hang off their thighs and their ass is completing exposed
its so bad. lol
me: who said that was cute?
Melissa: no one
me: what's smh?
: shaking my head
telly u should know that 1. lol
me: HAHA where the hell have i been?!?
me: so what are you thinking about making for the flea?
Melissa: different leather patches such as gothic leathers, skulls and whatever else I can think of
maybe baby onesies
Melissa: like maybe putting patches on the onesies
me: i need one of those for my nephew--so reserve one for me
Melissa: i will :)
me: so i'm going to write a few fashion trends, you tell me the first thing that comes to mind
Melissa: ok
me: coonskin hats!
Melissa: elmer fud
me: wraparound glasses
Melissa: cyclops from x-men
me: shoulder pads
Melissa: flash backs of the 80s
i just got a shiver. lol
me: i wore shoulder pads at the age of like 7
i looked like a football player in pink!
Melissa: I did to, I hated them
i guess we were all victims to the shoulder pads
Melissa: yup
me: i have one more question
Melissa: ok shoot
me: do you ever wear the same outfit twice?
i've seen your closet--it's INSANE!
Melissa: yeh i do. lol
it is insane. somedays I can't deal
me: has your closet broke? like back at midwood!
Melissa: no lol
me: you must have a sturdy closet now!
Melissa: yeh i live in an old building so everything is pretty sturdy
you know that don't build shit like they use 2
me: i hear you
alright melly in my belly
you're all done!
do you have one final thing you want to say?
Melissa: how's dunkin
me: she's crazy!!
as always
Melissa: i love it

rock band

i'm obsessed with rock band (so is flores) so now when we hear music, we break it down as though we're playing the game. yes, that's a little weird. but it has definitely trained my ears.

this is one of those songs i want to play on my rock band guitar and sing along to. cute song. cute video.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


i have no idea where you will be on the evening of friday february 29, 2008 but i will be throwing my own personal party. wherever i am at, is where the party will be at. that is how awesome i am. we are celebrating my ascension into higher levels of awesome. i hope all of you can attend.

Ayo Yayo

i know some people with some hilarious names. although i wish i could repeat them here, it definitely would not be appropriate.

this website does it all for me though. i couldn't help but giggle at the unfortunate names listed. for your chance to vote on some of the craziest names, check out the blog that accompanies the site.

maybe one day i will be fortunate enough to meet ayo.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

fun stuff

you need to click here. too freaking cute.

Monday, February 25, 2008


FYI--geek dunkin' pins will be on sale at the brooklyn flea on june 22nd.

gchat session with G

note: back in june, i did a little interview with greg for my sister's blog, UrbanRhetoric. here it is for your viewing pleasure:

I met Greg
as a sophomore at Pratt while we were both at school doing orientation staff. Either I look Filipino or he looks Latino, because we went around telling people we were related.

At Pratt, he studied graphic design and drinking. Whoops, I meant just graphic design. Either way, I’ve had major respect for his work (and drinking style) ever since then. I’ve wanted to interview him for months now but every time we hang out, we end up talking about relationships, drinking, and painting. A few days ago, he signed into Gchat and our interview was born.

missdtm: tell me when you're ready for this interview
Greg: go ahead. i ain't scared
missdtm: you know you are. you have no idea what i'm going to ask
Greg: hahhaah. i'm ready
by the way did you and steven have fun at the reed space show last night? (reed space showed Parra’s work on 6/7/07 –
[parra_reed.gif] )
missdtm: yea! it just got really packed and i was crazy tired. ok i'm ready with my first question
Greg: GO!
missdtm: so tell me what you do (and you should probably shout out your website and myspace now)
Greg: hahhahahah
now that we got that shameless self promotion out of the way:
i am a visual designer. currently i am working for serious usa (, they are a cd dvd promotional company that has developed and patented some new technology. they use cds and dvds in the shape of cards and they integrated mag stripes, rfid chips, and other features to the cards. it really opens up a lot of possibilities with function. very interesting and somewhat complicated stuff. its always hard to explain to people the company and the technologies they have developed.
so my job is to create the designs for the interactive programs on the cards, the packaging of the cards, and any websites associated with them
missdtm: so i know you went to pratt because you wanted to be a graphic designer but i think the real reason you went to pratt was because of the male to female ratio...
Greg: hahahahha
nope i went to pratt for the design
the male to female ratio was nice but it seemed to me that the majority of the women that went to pratt were a little on the crazy side
missdtm: ok, i'll give you that one
Greg: in general the majority of the people at pratt were a little off
missdtm: i definitely agree with that one (although i would never discourage someone from going)
Greg: and honestly the ratio at pratt didn't get better til my last years there and i wouldn't discourage anyone from going there either. the educational experience there is amazing
missdtm: back to your work though, i was checking out your website and that deutsche subway ad is dope, where does your inspiration come from?
Greg: well, I can't take the full credit for that one. i was working under some great art directors and most of the conceptual stuff came from them. but i did get to be creative within the concept they created. and my inspiration is anything and everything
most notably street art, graffitti, corporate anuals, huge advertising firms, small boutique design firms, sports, video games, music, other designers, other artists big and small
but i think at the basis of my inspiration is the need to go against the mainstream
missdtm: i'm glad you got a little more specific...i was going to shout you out for the generic answer
Greg: hahahahha
i'd say those are my major influences. i'd say the top ones are street art, grafitti, and music. but you can tell from my work that my style is pretty widespread. i really want to be as versatile as possible
missdtm: where do you see yourself in 5 years then?
Greg: hopefully working in a design firm in europe as an art director. preferably london or maybe denmark. paris too
missdtm: i never knew you wanted to LIVE in're nuts
Greg: i'll probably stick around here for a couple years, try out the west coast for a couple years then try europe for a couple years. so that would be around the 5 year mark. just for a couple years. i wouldn't want to stay there forever. nyc will always be my home
missdtm: ok good just making sure. what's on repeat on your ipod?
Greg: right now, its a set peanut butter wolf did at this club called the do over in san diego. he does a rare 80's funk set. he is actually doing this crazy week where he plays at 7 different clubs playing 7 different genres of music for 7 days straight. that guy is a beast
missdtm: you have an interesting taste in music. what about clothes?
Greg: i wouldn't really know how to define my style but the brands i'm really into right now are james perse (west cost casual), trainer spotter (urban wear, mostly hoodies and jackets), creative recreation (independent sneaker company i think they're based out on the west coast too), ubiquity & stones throw (music labels that also design shirts)
those are the more interesting ones
then there's polo, vans, nike, reebok, and some independent urban wear stuff
i forgot uniqlo (japanese, basics) and nudie jeans(raw denim based out of sweden)
i think that pretty much covers it
missdtm: when are you cutting your hair and doing your photo project?
Greg: hahah. Uhhh. i'm not really sure
missdtm: you should wear it out and flaunt it
Greg: i was going to do it after i got back from san diego but cuz of my knee it doesn't look like i'm gonna be able to get out there (Greg tore his ACL playing bball a few weeks ago. We’re getting old).
so now its kinda up in the air
missdtm: how long is it anyway?
Greg: right now its below my mid back. pretty crazy. 2.5 years
missdtm: i want your hair. just so you know
Greg: hahahah
missdtm: is there anything you want people to know about you? cause i'm pretty much dunzo with my questions
Greg: awwww
i was expecting some really fat juicy questions. hahahah
missdtm: like what?
Greg: i don't know i was expecting another question out of left field like the pratt girl ratio one
missdtm: i was going to ask you when we're going to collaborate and do something...but then it got busy at work
Greg: soon hopefully. with you being in manhattan it'll be a lot easier. i actually just got a crazy idea
would you want to work on a painting together?
a little collabo 7 foot canvas. something massive
missdtm: i don't work that big but for you--i would! can we get dunkin' in on the 7 foot canvas action?
Greg: hell yah
jus dunk her paws in paint and let her walk around on the shit
missdtm: YEA. i think she is artistic
Greg: jus throw her toy on the canvas
missdtm: that sounds like a plan. i have another question for you. when are you going to start designing some t-shirts?
Greg: i have a bunch already some old ones that i look at now that i should tweak
i jus really need to get my ass in gear and find a good production place
i also got a whole sketch book of ideas that i need to flesh out
for it to have any staying power they really need to be thought of as lines vs just one shot shirts
missdtm: what else are you trying to do?
Greg: i'm a bit of a busy body, there's the shirt line, the painting, djing (which has been put on hold a little bit, just haven't been practicing) and i'm suppose to be working with this producer friend of mine and make some beats
missdtm: artists are always working on something. actually, they're always working on a million projects
Greg: yah it seems like its in our nature to multi task
missdtm: well g, i'm trying to multitask right now at work. so i think we're done here
Greg: kewl
missdtm: you're a good sport. this took like 2 hours too via gchat
Greg: hahahhaha. man i thought u were gonna ask me some raunchy shit too
missdtm: i don't want to put you out there like that. that's always between you and me
Greg: ok hahahaha. pretty good interview
missdtm: thank you
Greg: i'll give you some pointers later
missdtm: :-P you suck ass
Greg: =D

Sunday, February 24, 2008


we should have a website, but we don't. that's probably because we're too damn busy being awesome to actually get one up and running.

BUT--now we have been forced to throw something together because we will be selling at the brooklyn flea on june 22nd. pretty dope. i think we're looking forward to putting some stuff out there in the world. again.

we'll be updating the blog with art/crafts/useless information/stuff for the next few weeks tills we get an actual website up and running. blogging seems like the easiest thing to get going till the website's up. but you can find our individual work at our individual sites/blogs and you can check out samples there.

hasta manana.