Thursday, July 31, 2008

gnarls barkley - "who's gonna save my soul"

came across this on ignoredprayers' blog.
i think i am that guy in this video.
and i am sure everybody else has been that guy too. the universality of this situation is what makes this video so ill to me. gnarls barkley/chris milk really capture the feelings of this type of situation.
check it out. then check yo self, busta!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

hyperdunk victim

hey stepladder. i just dunked on your NECK.

spiderman is a bitch, and superman is your father.

one of you must leave.

there is only room for one of these fools.
they kinda look the same.
they have the same music video.
one used to hold puff's umbrella. the other got his girlfriend stolen by diddy.
i would love to see these two in a death match.

i liked that song. but damn, that boy looks silly as all hell.
here is my pic for the winner of this battle (eventho, its a little unfair being that he got an ill assist with the always dope verse by andre benjamin).

ok. im renegging. they are both losers.

if this were my doggy, i would name it GIZZY!

this picture literally just made my day.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008


What the fuck is wrong with the world!

My boy was trying to buy steaks online and found this.

All I know is I would not want to work at that facility.

Hi my name is Greg, I work as a cattle jerker offer.

ode to the 'stache

in honor of one of the coolest 'staches i have seen since my dad rocked one in the early '90's (yes, rain, i am talking about you), geek dunkin is hosting a mustache pic contest.


1. take a pic of your favorite mustache. it must be a pic you take. that means you can grab someone on the street and take their pic. whatever works.

2. email it to with your name and then the name of the person in the pic.

3. tell us WHY you love 'staches so much.

4. win an awesome prize.

a prize will be awarded to our favorite 'stache (and pic quality. c'mon--we're all artists here. we need to see something dope). there will be one winner. each one of us will grab the silliest, funniest crap we can find and send it to your house. plus a free set of geek dunkin pins.

contest ends on august 15th.

Monday, July 28, 2008

it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood...

one day, rain had on a mister rogers sweater--i believe it was a cardigan with stripes. seriously, it looked like it was straight out of mr. rogers' closet. i love the sweater. and i love mr. rogers.

and there are others who love him as well.

thanks to pemora for forwarding the article.

I'm gonna cop this today!

Does someone have $30,000 that I can borrow, so I can buy this on ebay?

Friday, July 25, 2008

Purchase at your own Risk

I am absolutely, positively sure that I am not the only that looks at something and says I got to have that. Then, looks at the price and realizes how freaking expensive it is, yet still has the urge to buy it. Its not even something you need per se, but you just got to have it.

This is one of those things for me.

Madvillainy 2: The Box

Thursday, July 24, 2008

please explain...

...this new style to me. whyyyyyyy do you need to wear 5 or more rosary beads around your neck? what is that about???

even extremely religious people don't wear this many rosary beads!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ya Damn Right I'm Holdin It Down

Any video at the Rucker deserves love.

by the way, i am over new york.

especially going out in new york. as i have been stating for a while now, the city is getting less cool every fucking day. if you don't believe me, read this interview from NYmag from the owner of this spot opening up in LES. this guy is an ass..and im sure his place will be filled with assholes. I AM SICK TO MY STOMACH. 


a little departure from the videos ive been posting. but this shit is just too good.   makes me think of natalie portman a little differently. i think she should do comedies or something.

another must see...

ok, so i haven't had a chance to see murakami (don't kill me) but i am going to see os gemeos this week down at the deitch gallery. i am SUPERRRR DUPERRRRRRRR excited...

plus--i'm going with my nephew and in my mind, this will inspire him to become a great artist. FINE, so he's 9 months old and probably will not remember this, but maybe by osmosis he will.

who knows...

but i'll be sure to take lots and lots of pics.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

co. flow

i remember the first time i saw this video. i felt like my mind got boned. 

everybody, should get down. oh yes.

afternoon get down.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

you decide

after reading my journal entry, please take a moment to take the poll on the right.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

air sex

so there are competitions for things i do in my room and bathroom just to amuse myself. props to


Monday, July 14, 2008


still getting mine in the....

there are a countless reasons why i feel i need to post this video on here.

1. the song makes me feel fucking awesome. i feel like i am actually listening to music and i dont feel embarrassed listening to hip hop sans earphones in a time where hip hop is less than cool (to get the historical place this sits at, at the end of the video, part of juvenile's HA begins to play. yes, this shit came out in the same era as juve and when master P ruled the world. how craze is that?).

2. the imagery in this video captures that moment in time. it was the late 90's/new millenium. eminem was underground. rawkus records was considered awesome. there was actually an underground culture and it wasn't corny. pre-everybody having broadband and the world's info handed to them. shopping in soho and on lafayette was the shit and was still a new experience (pre sneaker shop on every corner). your first nokia was the shit. you just started college/graduated high school and were experiencing new things. supreme was still a skateshop and you were feeling yourself in those triple five cargos with big ass earphones listening to this shit when soundbombing II dropped... yeaaaah mannn. this album had legs...i listened to this album for at least a couple years (in contrast to the hot album of the week then dispose culture we have today. i.e. little dweezy). in this day in age, this would have been nothing more than a mixtape that would have been torn to shreds on forums by haters.

3. the countless cameos. including a fucking awesome cameo from harold hunter. face on the floor. w/ the zoo york skully and NF jacket. that was a hard look back then. and we all were trying to emulate. and its kind of freaky how talib is kinda preaching to HH...

"Yo, just relax, take it easy slow down

I had this, I had this friend of mine
Who just, you know, he was movin too fast, yaknawimsayin?
I told him to slow down, he said the sun don't chill
I said, I said still, I said still, you gotta
Just appreciate life, sit back, don't let it fly right past you
No matter what go on I'm still gettin mine
No matter the year, no matter the place, no matter the time"

and by the look on HH's face. he aint having none of it! classic!

4. common's afro wig/hair. pre erykah and crochet pants. sick shit.

edit (response): KoolGFlores (8:30:38 PM): DAMN! That 1-9-9-9 video gave me goose bumps. Taking me back. I fucking love that track. Here check out the break. This is one of my favorite samples of all time.

Aint No Use - Sweet Blindness

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Rebirth of Miss DTM

The Rebirth of Slick - Digable Planets

Oh yah. Its that time. Give my home girl some love cuz its her born day. Holla!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

10 toys that made you gay

i want to say. i remember playing with a pogo ball as a child. i still aint gay tho. 
#1 is reallllllly suspect. the director of that commercial should go to jail.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

birthday recap.

it was the best birthday ever.
no pics necessary.
i dont know who will see this, but fuck it.
i am in love with the two girls (barbara and nenita) that got a turkey sandwich, two bags of kettle cooked potato chips, a box of cookies and an orange seltzer water delivered to my office without me knowing. it was quite a surprise and i was totally confused. that shit made my day and started it off right.

greg met me up at my job and we got to talk shop on them knicks. he wore his sunglasses. but i think he lost. sucka. i guess jackie was gunning for you this time. haha

T was the first one to show up. and he was there before me. he then picked me up clutch status from journal square. he also gets the best hat, sunglasses, tshirt and shoes award. damn i hate you.

- i had 1 huge worry for my shindig. i was worried that there would be too many people.
and there was. but. steph came through big time with help from my mom and made some ill food for everybody which had everybody good and fed. and she made me a cake. steph is awesome (fuck what ya heard).

darcy, dawn, and jackie brought me some henny. and beer for everybody. as well as a solid counterbalance to the party.

art entertained the non poker players and brought beer. and he showed off his new "real" digital camera, which in actuality is actually real.

my bro and aj came through with some games which was awesome, cuz they left them here (bonus! score it for the kid!). plus, i am just glad they came out, it was clutch.

kelwin came through with chips (which i collected) and he didnt bring his normal spook luck against me. thanks dude.

my cousins D and khalil plus max came through to hang (they had sunglasses too).

there was a giant gay panda in my house. glad mikey came. eventho he had work at 7 am. and he lives an hour away. and he bought everybody non alcoholic beverages.

rosie dealt and made some dough. im sure some people would like to take her job hahaah. i think jackie won at my house again (i will get you back!). haha.

greg smith called me. on a broken phone. from seattle. the only thing i heard was "happy birthday". that was enough for me. thats my dude.

shoutout to ditto, who gave me the idea of just playing cards. and his bro ja, for coming through.

josh came through as he always does. and he got some work done. and he made everybody take a shot of henny. ouch.

rich ron and chris were there. that was a pleasant surprise. it looked like the big boy game and the big boy table was good hahaha.

blue was the co-hoster. he killed it and had everybody entertained. and he came through with the ill shirt that will make you all sweat me.

krystal (my new ill neighbor) came to say happy birthday to me for the second time. she is really cool.

this birthday was filled with many surprises that were just totally fucking awesome (including me actually winning at poker). i can say that as i get older, and care less about my birthdays, they just keep getting better. which in turn make me realize i should care about my birthday because birthdays are just awesome and shit. thanks dudes. and if i forgot to thank anybody. let me know. its 3:25 in the morning and its a total lapse in memory due to exhaustion that i forgot to mention you.

cant wait till my "28 years later" birthday, where we must all dress up as future zombies and act out the rage. while chasing random people down the streets of suburbia. that is going to be fun as hell. see you there.

Monday, July 7, 2008

in honor of the bday boy

i'm about to spew some hate.

i have been living in street fair HELL for the past week and a half. why is it that every summer at the end of june/beginning of july, there's a stupid street fair that threatens to complicate my daily routine?!? i can't catch the bus on 116th and 1st. my favorite dunkin donuts starts to look dirty. and my whole hood gets covered in some ghettoness. the street vendors sell old, oily corndogs that leave a layer of grease on your lips. and i feel sooooooooooooooo dirty walking around, that i can't stand it.

plus--my block gets blocked off and parking is the ultimate bitch.

happy bday, rain. and happy day for me! the carnival officially moved out of my hood today.

The Day the Rain Man Cometh

Just wanted to give Rain his birthday shout.

Lets make some money tonight!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Hate Hate Hate

This guy is on the corner of Spring and Broadway, almost everyday. All I want to do is just hit this dood, dead in his chest. If you ever see this guy in person, you'll know what I mean. Thats it...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I Wish I Had One of These Back in the Day

You hang out with her on occasion. You guys always have a good time, and when the mood is right you get a little sexy time.

All seems fine and dandy, but then she sees you at the bar with another chick. She confronts you. She gives you her 2 cents, which turns into a quarter and 3 nickels, and you wonder, "What the fuck just happened?"

You my friend, need one of these bad boys in your life.

Don't say I never gave you nothing.

i concur.

so should you.