Friday, February 27, 2009


*clap-clap clap*

For The Win....Props to the 3 awesome wardrobe changes.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I can relate...

Tore Up From the Floor Up, Hate Hate Hate

Kool G Flores: is it me or are all her friends fat and ugly?

Friend: true story
Friend: that one is one of the worst ive seen
Friend: birds of a feather fly together

Kool G Flores: i mean seriously at least bring one friend here that i could actually talk to with out gagging

Friend: again, birds of a feather fly together

Kool G Flores: hahahahah
Kool G Flores: i mean i understand y, next to them she might look better
Kool G Flores: but the bar is set so low there isn't really anywhere to go but up

Friend: seriously. that girl is tore up from the floor up.

Kool G Flores: i haven't heard that in so long
Kool G Flores: i gotta bring that back again

my mood for today...

i feel like rain today:

i HATE bitches.

damn, like, really really hate them. i feel like compiling a list of all the bitches i hate and posting it right here for all to read.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

this is why you're fat.

this is why. this is why. this is why you're fat.

the website says "deliciously gross".
i agree.
i am slowly going vegetarian again. however, that can not keep me from trying some of the insanity on here.
thanks art bone.

check it out

can you spot theoddballs who are repping black love on the square rootz website???

Monday, February 23, 2009

and the countdown begins

just another reminder of what's to come on march 2nd...

Friday, February 20, 2009


will you JolliBEE mine?!? and can I also get a 2 piece burger
steak with a spaghetti with a chicken joy and a PMP on the side...

Thursday, February 19, 2009

v-day aftermath

bird shit. rodents on your pillows. dead deer. all could not compare to the grossness in my sink.
yes. thats whole pieces of of chicken on that tray.
its thursday. the party was saturday. epic ass v-day party aftermath. we all must still be drunk.
i will pay somebody to clean that because i REFUSE to. anybody interested in making some money?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009


flight of the conchords. michel gondry. butter.

lose your vday party.

our "lose your vday" party was way too much damn fun.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

contract for blue's belly ring

since the date for this belly ring is coming up, i think there are a few conditions we should talk about. i have drafted up a contract for said belly ring and need the appropriate parties to initial next to their section.

1. blue will get the belly ring after march 2nd upon the completion of the time period for the bet.
2. blue will have exactly one month to get the belly ring but must make sure everyone is present for the belly ring experience.
2. the following parties will be responsible for paying for the belly ring: missdtm, kel, rain, gflores and jelo. others are welcomed to contribute but are not bound to this contract.
3. the belly ring must be a hello kitty ring with jewels on it chosen by the girls. the girls will be taking all suggestions into serious consideration prior to the purchase of the belly ring.
4. if blue chooses to get a second, simple belly ring, he must wear his hello kitty belly ring on special occasions. special occasions are defined as any event where 3 or more of us are present (for ex.--bdays, bbq's, happy hours, basketball games).
5. if blue does not wear the belly ring on special occasions, he will need to buy shots for everyone at the special occasion.
6. the duration of time that blue must have the belly ring is 6 months from the day he gets it. this will ensure that he will have the belly ring during the spring, summer and fall months.

all changes to this contract must be agreed and voted by the following parties:
missdtm, kel, rain, gflores and jelo. any other person who pays for the ring will also receive voting privileges.

please initial the contract by march 1st.

please advise.

Monday, February 16, 2009

miguel atwood-ferguson & carlos nino + some mos

beautiful/epic monday morning shit. enjoy.
from hypetrak:
"J Dilla’s music has moved past classic and into the iconic stratosphere. The late great producer basically defined the soulful, jazzy, Hip Hop vibe that dictated the Native Tongues era and continues to influence like minded producers such as 9th Wonder, and Kanye West. Realizing how melodic Dilla’s music is the Mochilla guys created a project entitled the Suite for Ma Dukes EP. It’s an orchestral-chamber style take on Dilla’s music, with a 30+ piece orchestra. Needless to say, hearing some of your favorite Hip hop songs on such an epic scale is an experience. Below you can find “Find A Way”, Mochilla’s take on the Tribe Called Quest beat. You can purchase the 8 track EP by clicking here. Also, Mochilla is also producing a live show in LA, February 22nd w/ a live 30+ piece orchestra as part of their producer/arranger 4-part series. Check out the banner after the jump

Miguel Atwood-Ferguson & Carlos Nino - Find A Way (J Dilla Tribute)

and some new mos: mosdef - life is good

shaq aka big cactus aka big jabbawockee

i just wanted to be the first to post this.
this guy is amazing. a 37 year old man should not be doing this.

but it's awesome.
pretty sure that was learned on the streets of newark new jerz.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

jollibee update

that is the bee's sweet fine ass.
some observations:
the girls that work there are hot. hi rachelle! <3
the line of people waiting outside after the first round of people was crazy.
service was friendly and speedy even for the family size spaghetti platter I ordered.
I feel like absolut crap (huge sad face). I just realized I haven't slept. I am still a little drunk from the night. and I just ate this food at 7:30am.
dumb dumb dumb stupid move.
more info and pics later as I am currently sitting on the toilet with the lights off hoping not to fall asleep and throwup at the same time as taking a shit. blue is screaming in hilarious pain in the adjacent bathroom. we are defeated. fuck u jollibee and your epic menu and delicious food. I'm too messed up to proofread sorry if i Messed up.

p.s. on a satisfying note. I was probably in the top ten people to ever get served jollibee on the east coast of the hot damn u. s. of a. and i'm saying this in spite of the loser-ish attitude it displays. I don't care. oh well.bla bla blajsjsbuxjsbuwuejbdbdjuduuehbrbrbrhidndiphone!


it's 6:30 am. we are the dedicated. who is that mysterious jolli bee
chilling with blue? the rumors are true. queens motherfucka!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

weekend steez: lose your v-day party: queens

we are going to get "trashed" tomorrow. "trashed". get it?
the heavy: that kind of man.

FIRE: it's all star weekend and rain is on fire. he has hit 5 of the last 6 post. the rest of geekdunkin is getting torched.
p.s. and me and blue gave greg fml! so ill take partial credit for that too! where the hell are you people?!?!?!

Thursday, February 12, 2009


only audio

Who gives an F?

This site is hilarious. A small sampling.

#30362 - Today, I shook hands with a girl and held onto her hand while telling her she had very tiny, delicate hands. When I let go to look at them, I discovered she only had two fingers.

#30294 - Today, I'm in Spain, and told the kids with whom I will be working that I was excited to be working with them. Only the form of excitement I used apparently refers to sexual excitement. Basically, I told the kids I was sexually aroused to be working with them.

#30273 - Today, I found out that when I masturbate at night while watching internet porn I cast a huge shadow on the curtain and the entire street is able to see it.

#29771 - Today, I was at the airport trying to help a man get to the right terminal. When he finished he turned to tell me "Don't worry, your English is pretty good, considering you're not American". English is my only language.

#29434 - Today, I went to a movie with my boyfriend. In the lobby, I asked why the glasses were not working. I said, "Do they only work inside the theater?" My boyfriend replied, "3-D glasses just work inside the movie, everything else in the World is pretty much 3-D."

#27684 - Today, I got a text message. It said, "I'm so drunk. What you up to, girl?" It was my dad. FML

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

lil weezy meet big woody

for your information: woody's blackboard says "who's your edamame?" haha
love woody paige.
lil wayne on around the horn:
dumb stupid shit.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

jollibee: lose your v-day party

february 14. LOSE YOUR V-DAY PARTY IN QUEENS! get at me for details.
butt! beforehand, rumors have it that the filipino fast food chain will have a "soft" opening (thats what she said) in queens on v-day.
i doubt it.
but i will be there to make sure. if its open. im ordering one of everything here:

YES! that was filipino spaghetti. YES! that was a hot dog with garlic fried rice and an egg. YES! that was fried chicken and rice. and NO! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT THE HELL TUNA PIE IS! but i'll try.
see you on v-day.